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Global video surveillance market impacted by China slowdown

(4th July 2023) Global video surveillance market impacted by China slowdown. Market overview 2022 – 2023 New research from Novaira Insights reveals that the global video surveillance market declined by 3.4% in 2022 due to a massive 18.6% decline in the Chinese market. However, the research, also shows that outside China, most markets continued to…
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IDIS aims to emulate Hanwha Vision with Costar acquisition

South Korea’s second largest vendor of video surveillance equipment, IDIS, has announced its intention to acquire Costar Technologies, a US-based vendor of video surveillance equipment. Analysts at Novaira Insights believe by doing so, IDIS could be signaling an intention to emulate the success of South Korea’s largest vendor of video surveillance equipment and long-time rival,…
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Cloud video surveillance. Where we are today.

See Novaira Insights’ latest video explaining where we are in 2023 with the transition to cloud video surveillance. For further information on this topic please see our latest report.

Transition to cloud for video surveillance accelerates

23rd February 2023 – Novaira Insights, the leading video surveillance market research provider, releases its latest report, “Cloud Trends in Video Surveillance – 2023 edition”. Video surveillance systems are transitioning to greater use of cloud solutions. A new report from Novaira Insights finds that this trend is accelerating. By the end of 2022 over 2…
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“Big 3” Grow their Share of Video Surveillance Software Market

(16th August 2022) “Big 3” Grow their Share of Video Surveillance Software Market. Genetec, Motorola Solutions and Milestone Systems continued to grow their combined global share of the market for video surveillance software and service agreements in 2021. According to a new report from Novaira Insights, this global market was worth $2.4 billion in 2021…
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