Transition to cloud for video surveillance accelerates

23rd February 2023 – Novaira Insights, the leading video surveillance market research provider, releases its latest report, “Cloud Trends in Video Surveillance – 2023 edition”.

Video surveillance systems are transitioning to greater use of cloud solutions. A new report from Novaira Insights finds that this trend is accelerating. By the end of 2022 over 2 million professional-grade video surveillance cameras in the USA were already cloud connected. This accounts for a fraction of the total installed base.

The number of cloud connected cameras is forecast to grow at an average annual rate of over 80% to the end of 2026.

Cameras are being connected to the cloud via two main approaches:

  1. Connections to a cloud video management software.  This is a SaaS subscription to a cloud hosted software which typically includes a cloud storage plan.
  2. Cloud managed devices consist of a hardware purchase + SaaS contract for access to video management functionality. Particular hardware is typically required for this solution to function. The primary tier of video footage storage often remains on-premise (either in a camera or in a network video recorder).

According to report co-author and principal analyst, Jon Cropley,

Demand for both types of solution has been growing quickly. Of the two largest vendors in the USA by number of connected cameras, Eagle Eye Networks is a vendor of cloud video management software and Verkada is a vendor of cloud managed devices. There are many other vendors though and new entrants keep emerging. Many of the vendors profiled in the report were only founded in the last decade.”

The vast majority of surveillance cameras are still not connected to the cloud. It seems the trend towards greater cloud is accelerating. Novaira Insight’s research included an end-user survey where just 14% of respondents based in the USA or Canada indicated that that there were future barriers preventing their organization from using more cloud solutions. This was down from 55% of respondents in a previous survey, conducted in Jan 2022.

A major factor in the accelerated trend to using the cloud is the transformative shift in organizations where the remit of IT departments have broadened, often incorporating responsibility for video surveillance and electronic physical security operations. Many IT professionals already default to cloud, so are pushing for the same in surveillance in their organizations.”

Josh Woodhouse, co-author and founder of Novaira Insights.