Novaira Insights Launches

Announcing a new market research provider covering video surveillance, physical security and the internet of things (IoT), Novaira Insights.

(February 18th, 2021). Wellingborough, UK. New market research provider Novaira Insights is pleased to announce its launch. Founded by industry analyst Josh Woodhouse, Novaira Insights offers market research reports and data, consultancy, and thought leadership coverage of the video surveillance and wider electronic physical security industries.

This analyst led business focuses on providing excellent market intelligence services and value to its clients. The company will focus on its methodology on the fundamentals of market research with a heavy primary research focus and significant exploration into the research scoping and taxonomy of the market.

Novaira Insights is dedicated to becoming a leading industry voice on video surveillance. The company offers fresh research into an industry currently undergoing its next major evolution into becoming a significant domain of the internet of things (IoT). The starting point of this evolution is the greater integration of visual devices in common ecosystems: an internet of video things (IoVT). The proliferation of video surveillance cameras and other visual sensors accelerate the digitalisation and automation of the physical world. The first insight piece published by Novaira Insights lead analyst, Josh Woodhouse, explains the internet of video things (IoVT) concept in greater detail.

The first research report published by Novaira Insights will size and assess the current state of the video surveillance hardware, software and services market. This research is starting immediately and will be published in June 2021.

Josh Woodhouse, lead analyst and Novaira Insights founder said “I’m thrilled to today announce the launch of Novaira Insights Ltd. A new beginning in the analyst coverage of video surveillance. I’m excited to begin re-connecting with security professionals around the world in engaging discussions for our latest research.“

Novaira Insights is a UK registered limited company, based in Wellingborough, UK.

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